Music Show 2017 – A Century of Sound

A Century of Sound- a variety of music to celebrate the times and achievements of the Twentieth century.

Please see below the report received from NODA:-

Predominantly using words, music, and a few other effects, this was Langtoft Players guide to help their audience recall some of the major changes that had occurred during the previous century. Whilst younger members may not have been too familiar with some of the tunes included in the opening dance numbers, they certainly demonstrated their wholehearted approval for the sounds of the “Roaring Twenties”, which included Charleston and Puttin on the Ritz, both played in Andrew Clingo’s usual exuberant style on keyboard, accompanied by Richard Greaves on drums. Next came a selection of war time songs intended to raise people’s spirits, these included Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and White Cliffs of Dover. The next rendition – The Young Ones  needed no introduction; it was sung by Pete Lane who also played the guitar and he was accompanied by Sandee Lane. For those who didn’t know, Motown was a major American recording company responsible for launching the careers of several male and female singers, some like Mary  Wells went on to become extremely successful with her recording of  My Guy .The advent of the “Jumbo Jet” meant cheaper long distance air fares and British travellers were encouraged, through the medium of songs, to visit places in the USA such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, California, Chicago  and New York. Some people were able to venture further and have been able to explore space, in fact since the 1960’s the race to conquer space has accelerated considerably. In this concert, the following musical extracts were used to highlight space travel Also Sprach Zarathustra, Urban Spaceman, The Final Countdown and Walking on the Moon. As yet we have to become aware of Matrimonial Mayhem breaking out in space but the Musical Director has managed to get his cuts in from some musicals so it may happen soon! I went home after this event feeling quite pleased with myself in that I could remember something from all the tunes featured but then I realised I had omitted to mention my favourite  – Mums and Dads, as performed by Langtoft Junior Players. My, how that takes me back!