Panto 2016 – Beauty and the Beast

beauty-and-the-beast-posterNODA report for the show:-

In the last few years Langtoft Players have been working hard to create a reputation for delivering a pre-Christmas pantomime that has become a major attraction for local residents and with this year’s presentation of “Beauty and the Beast” their endeavours were well rewarded by several capacity audiences. It was the task of the capable chorus to extend a warm welcome to this show via their   opening song which they performed with enthusiasm and smiles; the lively musical accompaniment   provided by Andrew Clingo, Richard Greaves and Kate Stokes for this and the other songs and dance routines really gave the production pace.

The principals were well cast and delivered strong performances – they included Joan Thompson (as regal Prince Louis), Brian Branch (as the effervescent Dame Dolly), Sarah Norvock (as Belle, the reserved daughter of Dolly), Anne Fensom (as Chardonnay, a less refined daughter of Dolly), Val Gregg (as Lambrini, another less refined daughter of Dolly) and Robbie Logue (as the vain, egotistical Jean-Claude). Joanne Clingo was The Rose Fairy and playing opposite her was Kerry Pirie as Countess Cruella. Other members of the cast made   significant contributions to this production. The inclusion of the young and the not so young in the cast of this show ensured an appeal to audiences that comprised a similar balanced make-up; it was a fine example of community entertainment. The sets were attractive and the costumes colourful. Well done all who were involved in this splendid team effort and congratulations to Michelle Gillett on making her very successful debut as Director.