Panto 2018 -Alice in Wonderland

Show report – Alice in Wonderland (The Pantomime)

In 1865 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote a novel under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll and gave it the title “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. It tells of a girl named Alice who falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar anthropomorphic creatures that have human feelings and speak in human tongues. Since the original publication there have been many stage, film and television adaptations under the reduced title of “Alice in Wonderland”. There is now also a pantomime adaptation by Tom Whalley and this was chosen by the Langtoft Players, in association with the Langtoft Junior Players, to be their 2018 pantomime production.

The wicked Knave of Hearts, played by Michelle Marshall, used her entrance on stage to provoke the audience into disliking her and her evil intentions. Calm was restored by Anja Greaves, purr-fect as the Cheshire Cat, with a cat suit costume and a clever line in feline make-up. Alice was played by Ella Greaves who frequently questioned the behaviour and statements of other characters; her studious sister was played by Kathleen Crichton. Sofie Greaves was the smartly attired time conscious White Rabbit.

Richard Gregg, having played the Dame in previous pantomimes, was well into character. Carole Walker was the Caterpillar whose calm approach and costume ideally suited her part. Anne Fensom as Tweedle Dum and Val Gregg as Tweedle Dee were the perfect comedy duo with excellent timing. Louise Molina was a confident Mad Hatter. Adam Thompson as the March Hare enjoyed aggravating Alice, Annabel Crichton was the tired dainty Dormouse. Matthew Lee as the Mock Turtle moved laboriously about the stage with his heavy shell on his back. Joan Thompson as the evil Queen of Hearts was very good at being the baddie, while Louie Thompson, playing her husband, the King of Hearts was meekly aware of his place. Louise Lee as Knobby, the door, projected her words clearly.

Adult members of the Chorus: Sarah Pratt, Emma Taylor and Klare Ward.

Junior members of the Chorus: Poppy Dalton, Jasmine Ferrara, Alice Foot, James Foot

Jade Gray, Eleanor Wheatley, Thomas Wheatley

This superb interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel was innovatively directed by Anne Fensom and it was most rewarding to see all the cast comfortably adopting their fantasy roles with such enthusiasm and confidence. Well done everyone who was involved in this wonderful team effort.