Panto 2019 – Puss in Boots

NODA Show report – Puss in Boots

Having set off in good time for our journey to Langtoft to see the village pantomime, we had only travelled about half a mile when we found the road blocked by a coach straddling the carriage way. This meant we had to turn around and take a diversion of some considerable distance before being able to resume our journey in the right direction. Thankfully we arrived at the performance venue a few minutes prior to “curtain-up”. Members of the audience were eagerly awaiting the start of the show and there was a buzz of excitement! When the house lights were dimmed and the mellow introductory music began playing, voices were hushed and all eyes were focussed on the stage and the very attractive set featured thereon. As the music for the opening number began, members of the chorus attired in their feline costumes took centre stage for this “cat-chy” number.

Tom Merridew (one of the miller’s sons, competently played by Klare Ward) has nowhere to live and no money; Tom and his feline friend, Puss, (played by Sophie Greaves, who delivered a most “purr-fect ” performance with excellent cat animation), face a grim future. However, Tom has a good friend in “Treacle Sponge” (enthusiastically played by Anne Fensom) who has a possible solution to this sticky problem. Treacle’s mum, Dame Victoria Sponge (very demurely played by Brian Branch- ha! ha!) happens to own the local pet pamper parlour and Treacle persuades her mum to take in Tom and Puss as lodgers. Tom’s luck continues to improve when he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Princess Adele (royally played by Ella Greaves).

Just when things appear to be going so well, Lord Grimguts (fiendishly played by Pete Lane) has the Princess kidnapped. But panic not, Puss will deal with this dilemma and ensure there is a happy ending to the “tail”.

It was good to see so many young people (and some not-so-young) involved in this village pantomime, all applying their acting skills with much energy and commitment. The warm appreciation shown by the audience at the conclusion of the show was well deserved. “Miaow!”