Spring Play 2016 Kindly Keep It Covered

Roland Dickerby runs a health farm with his wife, Julia, bought with the proceeds of an insurance payout following the demise of Julia’s first husband, Sidney. All is going well until Sidney decides to resurrect himself and puts in an appearance at the farm……..


The review of the play from NODA:-

The late Dave Freeman was a most prolific script writer working in the comedy arena. He possessed a great comedic wit which was manifested in his writings, whether for stage, film, or television, and   he was also very successful in the world of advertising. Considered a master of pun and the double entendre, he regarded television as a popular medium for comedy. However, it was his farce, “Kindly keep it covered”, written with his son Greg, that Langtoft Players chose for their latest production. The setting for this play is a health farm which has been purchased with money paid out by an insurance company on the death of a person who turns up, having come back to life. This was well-cast with all the players working hard on their characterisation. Brian Branch (as Roland) was the epitome of panic as he disappeared through one door and rapidly re-appeared through another and although the stage is not very large he must have completed a week’s exercise in every performance! Matthew Lee (as Mr Hooper) played the part of a man on a strict diet, who being deprived of food is driven to distraction by the lack of it. Oh, how he conveyed his relief on finding a tin of biscuits secreted in the cupboard. This performance had both pace and good timing which the audience really enjoyed. I think the scene in which an attempt is made to explain away an act of indecent exposure was absolutely hilarious and a fine example of this writer’s work. No wonder the audience were keen to show their appreciation with sustained applause. Well done all who were involved in this production!