Panto 2015 – Mother Goose

Mother Goose posterNODA report:-

Their village hall may only have a small stage but Langtoft Players certainly know how to make use of it to provide their audiences with some great entertainment, especially when it comes to their annual pantomime. This year it was ‘Mother Goose’ which they served up with much energy and lots of enthusiasm. An amazing abundance of talent was displayed in the player’s interpretation of their characters – Brian Branch was magnificently maternal as ‘Mother Goose’. Kerry Pirie delivered a most comedic performance as the son ‘Idle Jack’ and Emily Key was very convincing as ‘Jill’ the loyal and caring daughter. Displaying considerable stage presence Anja Greaves was excellent as the principal boy ‘Colin’, who was in love with Jill. Michelle Gillett’s clear diction gave the impression that as ‘Fairy Queen’, she really was capable of solving every problem. Matthew Lee and Carole Walker were ‘Danny and Fanny’ the heartless bailiffs working for the cruel and uncaring ‘Squire Dastardly’, played by Richard Gregg. Louise Lee was inside the goose outfit suffering for art, which although very hot to wear, thankfully did not seem to affect her ability to lay golden eggs! Janet Farrer in her performance as the ‘Demon Queen’ seemed to simply ooze wickedness. Val Gregg playing ‘Kitty’ was most persistent in her amorous advances towards ‘Idle Jack’. The senior Chorus confidently led the singing of the various songs incorporated in this show with excellent support from the Junior Chorus who also performed a number of ancillary acting roles that included a very funny skeleton routine. The sets were well designed and solidly constructed with particularly good use being made of the ‘secret panels’. This was fine family entertainment – my congratulations to all who were involved in the production of it!